The Arts In Wilmington Awards

Recipients of the 2018 Arts In Wilmington Awards has been determined by our panel.  The announcement is coming soon!

Thanks to Panelists who reviewed and made decisions on recipients:

Thanks!   Sincerely,  Craig Stinson, Creator of Arts In Wilmington / July 13, 2018

The Arts In Wilmington Awards are available in the following categories:

  • ARTS IN EDUCATION – open to individuals and institutions whose primary function is arts education. May include: arts educators (teachers, consultants, principals, administrators), schools, school districts, college/university arts departments, etc.
  • ORGANIZATION – open to organizations who contribute to the advancement and/or support of the arts. May include: arts discipline organizations, arts councils, arts advocacy groups, guilds, arts departments of organizations, educational institutions, etc.
  • GOVERNMENT – open to agencies and institutions generally described as units of state, county or municipal governments that have served their communities in outstanding ways through the arts, OR elected or appointed officials who, in their official capacities, have demonstrated notable support for the arts through leadership and public policy.
  • BUSINESS/FOUNDATION – open to individuals, or companies and foundations whose participation, support, and/or contributions have benefited the maintenance and growth of the arts.
  • INDIVIDUAL – open to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional achievement and impact through their leadership, support, and advancement of the arts. May include: arts professionals such as managers, administrators; arts supporters such as patrons, promoters, donors, etc.
  • INDIVIDUAL ARTIST – open to artists of exceptional talent and creativity, in any discipline, whose contribution to the arts has helped guide and influence directions, trends and aesthetic practices.

Our 2018 Panelists:  Thank you to our panel of arts experts who reviewed nominations and make decisions on recipients of the 2018 Arts In Wilmington Awards

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