2018 Organization:  Opera House Theatre Company

Organization Criteria: Organization category is open to organizations who contribute to the advancement and/or support of the arts.

Opera House Theatre Company:  Opera House Theatre Company was established in 1985 and is dedicated to the highest quality of work from its actors, musicians, technical staff, and administration.  The company was founded by Lou Criscuolo and Mary James Criscuolo.  Lou was a Broadway and television professional and Mary James had marketing and community knowledge to cultivate an audience.  The company formed during an renewal era in Wilmington’s artistic story, alongside the emergence of St. John’s Museum, the movie industry, and a major renovation of Thalian Hall.

Opera House Theatre Company has always been focused on musicals and the production of great theatre, staging their work at Thalian Hall each summer.  Productions typically include from 10 to 30 actors and just as many people working in set, costume, and lighting design, directing, music performance, and administration.  Through the years, Opera House Theatre Company has produced upwards of 300 performances, touching the lives of many in the Wilmington theatre community and thousands of audiences members.  Opera House Theatre Company is a family theatre enthusists, with many actors, artists, and audience members who return to participate year after year.

In addition, Opera House Theatre Company works closely with the local community to make sure access to their work is possible.  They work with local nursing homes so their residents can attend dress rehearsals and have a partnership with the New Hanover County Department of Aging to give 1,000 tickets to their clients each season.

Today, Opera House Theatre Company is directed by Alice Morgan Sherwood.  Sherwood grew up with the company, starting at age 16 as a stage manager and serving now as their Artistic Director and key administrator.

We recognize Opera House Theatre Company for their over 30 years of contributions and advancements of the arts in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Opera House Theatre Company: operahousetheatrecompany.net


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